Frank Zappa

Zappa stuff on the Web

Just on the offchance that what we've put here doesn't totally fulfil your steaming desires for information about Frank, here is a small selection from the dozens of other Zappa pages on the Web (since we last looked, one or two seem to have disappeared - or maybe they've moved without leaving a forwarding address. If your site used to be in this list and it's still up somewhere, , huh?):

The Official Zappa site:
The Real Frank Zappa Home Page
Those people who put out most of Zappa's records now:
Rykodisc's Zappa section
Some sites that had the good taste to include links to us...
Zappa Freaks - Haggard37's new and detailed weblog-based site. Lots to explore there, and thanks for including us among your favourites.
Zappa Discography - more comprehensive info than ours, but works a different way (and now sadly five years out of date).
ROC animationRock Out Censorship - as the name implies, a commendable campaign against censorship in rock music.
Frank Zappa Memorial Page - now less minimal than it was and gives us a very glowing endorsement!
Black Page is a follow-up of the Dutch Frank Zappa fanzine Black Page. You can also read it in English.
Friendly Little Finger Zappa Links - another big (but slightly confusing) list of links.
Stuff Up the Cracks contains a very impressive collection of images of LP and single sleeves and labels... as well of course as a link to here!
The worst FRANK ZAPPA page on the WWW by Henk van der Molen. Oh, it's not so bad...
The Frank Zappa section of Tangento's Psych Music - love that statue in Vilnius!
The Chrome Dinette - streaming Zappa audio clips. Check out the Persuasions singing Harder than Your Husband!
Greg Burch's Frank Zappa page - a straightforward discography and a collection of links.
Caustic Truths - we're a little hard to find, but we are in there if you dig deep.
Some that haven't (yet?) but are fascinating nonetheless...
Ed Seeman - this is the guy, for those familiar with , who made the original Luden's Cough Drops commercial, with FZ's The Big Squeeeze on the award-winning soundtrack.
FZ Lyrics & Else - Román García Albertos's exhaustive, searchable collection of lyrics, musicians (both things I'd thought of including here, but I might not bother now!) and more.
Natural Phenomena Named After Frank Zappa - on Andy Murkin's Zappa site.
And finally, our special friends:
Crossfire Publications, publishers of Greg Russo's Cosmik Debris (among other books) which you can read more about here.
G & S Music, dedicated purveyors of Frank Zappa & related artists - and the people we buy our Zappa stuff from. This is now a mature site: clear, simple and comprehensive (though you can't actually buy on line from them).

We did have an extra list of others that didn't, but might be interesting anyway, but there are far too many out there even to begin to list now. Just try Googling and see what you get ('about 12,500,000' at the last count)... and there'll surely be more coming every day.