Cosmik Debris

Cosmik Debris: Second Edition

When Cosmik Debris: The Collected History and Improvisations of Frank Zappa first appeared in 1998, its author Greg Russo contacted Highway 57 asking for a link to his site. 'Hey! Not without even reading it,' I said (that's me, Chris Sansom), so Greg sent me a copy which I reviewed - not entirely favourably - on this site. I was pretty scathing about the section on twentieth century classical music. Understandably, this made Greg a little unhappy, but when I suggested that I could rewrite that section for him, he surprised me by taking me up on the offer.

So what about the poor suckers who bought the first edition but don't want to shell out again for the second version? Well, we can't provide the other updates - the whole thing has been overhauled (it's 352 pages long) and now has an index, among other things - but you can read the (almost) full text of the new classical music section here.

Frank Zappa Buy this book

Yes, folks, if you're a serious Zappologist, this book is an essential purchase, not for its literary merit or any of that stuff, but for the sheer documentary weight of it and the amazingly comprehensive listings at the back.

Here's how:

Greg Russo's Crossfire Publications now has a much improved web site, with overviews of Cosmik Debris and Greg's books on Jethro Tull, Manfred Mann, the Yardbirds and the Zombies (and another on Led Zeppelin). You can go there to make credit card orders using PayPal, or send your order to:
Crossfire Publications, P.O. Box 20406, Floral Park, New York 11002-0406.

The price is a mere $21.95 plus shipping.