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the Highway 57 Zappa Zone

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Yes, we've given our Frank Zappa utility search kitchen a good läthering. Its more comprehensive features will yield a higher gratification level than ever before. Why, you can even have fun just by reloading this page. (And for the old hands, we got rid of that ugly thing we did with Frank's nose.)

Latest update!

After a looong hiatus, the promised new collection of guitar solos, is here, and of course we've listed it. But what we forgot to mention some months ago is that we've also included the excellent . So that's a bonus, isn't it?

The Zappa Zone is for searching and... er... some other stuff... only

Between the release of Freak Out! in 1966 and his death in 1993, Frank Zappa's output of recorded material was prodigious - and more continues to appear posthumously, some of the material going well back before 1966. We hope our database of stuff will prove to be a mine of information about titles, composers, dates - and even timings so you can plan your playlists.


You're probably wondering why you're here (and so am I, so am I...) but seriously though, folks, just have a look around and at the very least you might like to learn a little about twentieth century classical music (Whaddya mean, classical?!? I thought this was about Frank Zappa... well you can learn a bit about him too).


We'd like to maintain this database as a useful resource, so if anyone spots a mistake or omission, has some other problem or wants to suggest an improvement or addition please

Legacy Choice Award For Excellence
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several years ago -
we assume it still applies!

This site's previous mutation included just one album from the Beat the Boots series, 'Tis the Season to be Jelly (cuz it's the only one we've got). Although we asked for feedback about whether or not this was a Good Thing To Do, we heard never a peep. As these albums really don't constitute part of Frank's official output (you won't find them in the discography on the official Zappa site and they seem to be generally crap audio quality), we've now removed that one.

But then you won't find Jean-Luc Ponty's King Kong or L Shankar's Touch Me There on either, but we've still included those - go figure. At least they're kind of legit.

Will this be greeted with more howls of apathy? Probably...

Those More Comprehensive Features

So far, these include a complete rethink of the interface, complete album listings you can call up from your search results, cover art and the option to search for composers in the simple (and so far only) search. (There are also some pretty nifty editing facilities now, but these are just for ME - hee hee, ha ha - but it does mean I can keep this thing up to date more quickly.) More to come.